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Betty Dorricott complain on phone 01698 340 011
Sunday, October 08 2017 09:36 AM
i am a pensioner and constantly receiving vile messages from this number.
robert jardine complain on phone 01224 899 311
Tuesday, September 26 2017 06:20 AM
constant silent calls
NEI complain on phone 0141 230 6578
Thursday, September 21 2017 10:07 AM
Cold caller claiming to be calling from an accident claims line
Nigel smithers complain on phone 0141 230 6578
Thursday, September 21 2017 06:29 AM
keeps ringing on a loop, asking if we have had an accident in the last 2 years.
john stoa complain on phone 0141 275 6572
Monday, September 18 2017 11:20 AM
nuisance silent phone call
cbur complain on phone 0141 275 6572
Monday, September 18 2017 08:31 AM
called but did not speak
Lisa Cheung complain on phone 01698 747 153
Saturday, September 16 2017 05:41 AM
Received numerous calls from this number in which nobody speaking, very annoying!
F Harris complain on phone 0141 206 5777
Wednesday, September 06 2017 11:10 AM
Rude and persistent caller telling me my computer was showing up errors. Told him I had signed up for TPS and should not receive calls like this. Asked him never to calll my number again. He said he would call me again. I ended the call and have blocked the number
Muir complain on phone 01224 506 976
Wednesday, September 06 2017 05:23 AM
We are getting repeated calls from this number during the days and evenings. When we ring back we're told that the number has not been recognised.
Joseph potter complain on phone 01382 855 634
Wednesday, August 23 2017 02:43 PM
Does not speak when phone is answered

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