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Elizabeth Speedie complain on phone 01259 213 723
Tuesday, August 31 2021 06:11 AM
Purchased BT XD 56 digital cordless phone with answer machine a few months ago. Reception very poor and crackly particularly on the answer machine. Very disappointed in this machine it has proved to be a bad purchase.
Gary rowland complain on phone 01250 890 026
Friday, August 27 2021 11:27 AM
This was a cold call and also not asked for. All these parasites should be ashamed. Get a proper job.
Mrs Angela Gordon complain on phone 07793 243 041
Monday, June 21 2021 12:11 PM
Agnetha complain on phone 01346 372 067
Wednesday, June 16 2021 10:50 AM
Female voice says illegal activity has been detected and your Internet connection will be terminated within 48 hours.
Niamh burnside complain on phone 01556 522 023
Monday, June 07 2021 11:08 AM
Won’t stop phoning me who is it leave me alone
Mrs Osuagwu complain on phone 01888 482 077
Monday, May 31 2021 09:08 AM
Spammers contacted my number.
R Johnson complain on phone 0131 250 5466
Tuesday, May 11 2021 06:31 AM
Scam - claiming to be from BT stating internet service is showing a fault on the line. I stated that BT is not my internet provide he put the phone straight down.
Tarquin complain on phone 01389 382 996
Friday, April 16 2021 06:46 AM
Received three calls from this number today. They don’t leave a message and just hang up. It’s rather annoying, especially as my line is ex-directory.
Terry Marshall complain on phone 01887 847 446
Wednesday, March 24 2021 09:34 AM
Call was automated suggesting our credit card had been charged 500 pounds 15 minutes ago. My wife hung up.
Tony Libbey complain on phone 01358 745 477
Wednesday, February 24 2021 04:08 AM
Calls received and dialed off once answered

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